Kickstart Your Fitness with the Level Method

You used to know it as On Ramp - but we're changing the game at CrossFit Ignis! Our brand new Kickstart Program is designed to get you up to speed and “on the inside” of everything we do! Utilizing the Level Method as it's foundation, it is the perfect beginners class. The very first thing … Continue reading Kickstart Your Fitness with the Level Method


Faith WOD – Behind the Curtain

Read on as Coach Gordy Prather takes you "behind the curtain" of our monthly Faith WOD.  Interested in joining our next one on March 10th?  Click here to sign up.  It's FREE and open to the public! Behind the Curtain - by Gordy Prather At CrossFit Ignis, we’re grateful for the wide array of diversity … Continue reading Faith WOD – Behind the Curtain