Nutritional Coaching Corner Volume #1 – Navigating a pandemic

  Our Nutrition Coach, Kris Gibson (Precision Nutrition L1 Coach) has written our latest blog post.  He's put his thoughts to paper on how we as a society can learn from the COVI-19 pandemic that has affected us all so greatly.  Check it out. Good stuff coming your way! Hello Ignis crew and extended web … Continue reading Nutritional Coaching Corner Volume #1 – Navigating a pandemic

Introducing Coach Danny Masten!

With all that is going on in our world today we are so happy to be able to bring some light and excitement.  We are excited to announce the addition of Danny Masten to our already amazing Coaching staff at CrossFit Ignis.  An ever present fixture at the box and one of our most dedicated members, … Continue reading Introducing Coach Danny Masten!

Take control of your health & fitness with science

Biometric Screening & Cardio Metabolic Testing now available at CrossFit Ignis Are you tired of guessing where you are with your fitness?  Tired of using on line calculators to figure out your caloric needs?  Think your metabolism is "broken"?  We at CrossFit Ignis, along with our partners at Integrated Corporate Wellness Solutions, are giving you … Continue reading Take control of your health & fitness with science

Diapers & Dumbbells – Postpartum Fitness

That "4th" trimester is a very transitional time in a new moms life.  Not only are you adjusting to life with a brand new tiny human, you’re also trying to figure out your new postpartum body.  We're here to help you along that journey. Introducing Diapers & Dumbbells, a postpartum fitness class designed to help new mothers … Continue reading Diapers & Dumbbells – Postpartum Fitness