Five Years of Iron and Fire

A lot can happen in five years.

A coach’s fiery passion for health and fitness can inspire a handful of folks to follow her into an old bulk fuel center to transform it into the town’s only CrossFit box.


A table, canopy, and a clipboard at a farmer’s market can fill up that little box with the first group of On Rampers before the equipment has even been delivered or assembled.


In that small space, a movement can happen… no, not just the standard CrossFit movements like a burpee or a snatch or a medicine ball clean. This movement is a group of people who care about self-improvement and pushing their limits, camaraderie and a healthy dose of competition…


People who will run for a cause…

ACS run

Suffer for the suffering…

suffer carol

Honor the fallen…

gordy murph

And celebrate with the best of them.

first halloween

People who set PR gold stars…

delfini extension

And then demolish them…


Who train to better in and out of the gym…

kris med ball clean

Believe they can…


And do.


That fire for self-improvement can lead to quickly outgrowing that little space and moving into a much, much bigger space.




And in those five short years, somewhere in the middle of all the blood, sweat, and tears… the thousands of miles collectively run and hundreds of thousands of pounds lifted.. the victories and defeats, celebrations and sorrows, a change can happen.


Five years can make a difference in a life.


Five years can make a family.


Five years can change you, if you let it.


Here’s to staying ignited to five more years.



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