How often should I workout?

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Find What Works for You

One of the most common questions we get from On Rampers who are jumping into our regular CrossFit classes (and even experienced members who just want to tweak their routine) is:

“How many days per week should I be working out? How should my weeks look in terms of training splits?”

The real answer is that there is no one right way.  Just as with nutrition and really anything health related, it all depends.  Things such as your personal goals, your training age, your recovery period and of course your schedule all play a factor in how you should structure your training.

What We Suggest

The most important part of all of this is that whatever training split you choose, we need consistent adherence in order to see results. A training schedule that flows with your work and family schedule is a must.

Here are some of our favorite splits:

M-W-F – This split gives us 3 solid days in the gym and allows Tuesday and Thursday to be active recovery days where we stay in motion. We can then take the weekend for rest and reset.

M-T-Th-F – The rest day on Wednesday breaks things up nicely and allows for awesome workouts on the other 4 days. We like an active recovery day on the weekend which gives us 2 full rest days each week.

M-T-W-F-Sat – This gives us 3 consecutive days in the gym to find a rhythm but by the 4th day it’s time for a rest. Let the body and mind recharge so you can then hit Friday and Saturday with some intensity. Another full rest day on Sunday gives you 2 full rest days in this split.

Again these are some options, but the key is to find a training schedule that works for you – your goals, your schedule, and what you like to do. Finding something you enjoy and can stick with long-term is what leads us to the results we’re looking for!

What is Active Recovery Anyway?

We get it, you like to stay active.  So the word ‘rest’ isn’t always in your vocabulary.  That’srest-day-meme why on certain days in between your visits to the box we recommend activities that aren’t as physically demanding as a WOD.

Biking, hiking, swimming and even yoga are all fantastic ways to keep moving on your off days while still giving your body time to recover.  This is also a terrific way to have family time away from the electronics and out in nature!

Just remember that every day can’t be an active recovery day.  In order for your body to metabolically recover you need down time – and GOOD food!!

Leave a Little H.A.M. for the holidays

One last bit of advise that we’ll leave you with is this: Yes, we want to see mechanics, consistency & intensity when you come to the box.  But, what if every 4-6 weeks you just come in and scale back on the workouts a bit that week – set no expectations for yourself – forget your score and just have fun!  You can’t continue to excel at something if you’ve forgotten how to have FUN!




Contributing content by: Elizabeth Milne

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