Introducing Coach Coco Hotop!


We are so happy to formally introduce Coach Nicole “Coco” Hotop to the CrossFit Ignis family! With over 10 years of collective CrossFit experience, we are beyond excited to have her jump right in with our already amazing community. You will find Coco coaching our early morning M-W-F classes starting October 1st!  Be ready to learn, have fun and bring out your best with Coach Coco! Check out a little more about her below:

Although Coco had an active, outdoorsy childhood, she never considered herself to be “athletic”. Playing and moving were a major part of her life, but music took the place of any team sports. As high school got busier, she had much less time to be active and as a self-conscious teen developed some pretty serious secret eating disorders. When she was fifteen her cousin suggested she try out a new gym in town with him that had classes called “CrossFit”. She enjoyed attending 2-3 times a week, discovered a love for all types of heavy lifting, and enjoyed the challenge, competition, and camaraderie of the gym.

With multiple cross-country and one foreign move over the next 9 years, she went back and forth with fitness, testing out everything from the sedentary lifestyle to running 10-15 miles a week to yoga to being a member of 4 different CrossFit gyms. She became a regular at a CrossFit gym–her first love of fitness–while pursuing a music performance degree in college. It was during that time period that she became involved in competing just for fun, taking part in multiple CrossFit competitions throughout the midwest. Much more importantly, she finally kicked her eating disorders, became a Level 1 and KidsFit coach, and began to fulfill her long-time dream of helping people with many of the same things she’d struggled through.

Now a mom to a little girl, Coco enjoys dabbling in powerlifting with her super strong husband when she’s not dying on a CrossFit gym floor. She is passionate about health, and loves helping people learn to move better and enjoy activity. Getting to coach the variety of people who come into a CrossFit box, from someone running 400m for the first time, to someone getting their first (or 1000th) handstand pushup, keeps her loving CrossFit and the incredible impact it can have on people’s’ lives.


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