Diapers & Dumbbells – Postpartum Fitness

That "4th" trimester is a very transitional time in a new moms life.  Not only are you adjusting to life with a brand new tiny human, you’re also trying to figure out your new postpartum body.  We're here to help you along that journey. Introducing Diapers & Dumbbells, a postpartum fitness class designed to help new mothers … Continue reading Diapers & Dumbbells – Postpartum Fitness

Introducing Coach Derek!

We are happy to formally introduce Coach Derek Burgett to the CrossFit Ignis family! He was bit by the CrossFit bug early on and has loved it ever since.  You may have seen him around the box with Coach Kelli as he's been completing his Coaching internship since April. You'll find Derek coaching and continuing … Continue reading Introducing Coach Derek!