Introducing Coach Derek!


We are happy to formally introduce Coach Derek Burgett to the CrossFit Ignis family! He was bit by the CrossFit bug early on and has loved it ever since.  You may have seen him around the box with Coach Kelli as he’s been completing his Coaching internship since April. You’ll find Derek coaching and continuing to perfect his skills at our Friday afternoon classes starting August 9th!  Check out a little more about him below:

Derek Burgett was always active and adventurous as a kid. He played just about every team sport that was offered to him until his high school years where he played football and soccer. After a successful high school football career, he earned a scholarship to play collegiate football, where he also studied Business administration. With years of traditional strength and conditioning under his belt from football, Derek still felt incomplete with his fitness. One day, as his football career was coming to an end, he was introduced to a documentary on the CrossFit Games and the idea of being prepared for anything that is thrown your way (the unknown and the unknowable) excited him beyond belief. CrossFit enabled him to take his fitness to a whole new level.

After spending over a year doing CrossFit in his home garage gym, Derek opted to take his Level 1 and further expand his knowledge of CrossFit. He joined CrossFit Ignis to compete in the CrossFit Open and fell in love with what he found. “When I came to CrossFit Ignis there were people from all walks of life who had come together to create this “team” and push each other to be the best they could be.” Soon after, he entered the Internship program at CrossFit Ignis and started his journey to becoming a CrossFit coach.   Derek’s primary goal? To help others achieve things they would have never imagined they could do. “I had many great role models growing up and I hope I can be a positive influence for others the way my role models influenced me.”

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