The 2020 CrossFit Open at CrossFit Ignis!


DSC_0810It’s Open Season, and we LOVE the Open at Ignis. For us, it represents everything we love. Fun (first and foremost,) community, challenges, celebrations and pushing yourself a little harder than you thought you could to do something you didn’t think you could do.

For those who are new to this, “The Open” is really The CrossFit Games Open. It’s been through a few iterations, most of which are a path to compete in the CrossFit Games, one way or another. Although qualifying for The Games has changed, The Open still serves as a way to earn a spot at a sanctioned competition to earn a spot at The Games. But now, more than ever, it’s about community and fun.

If you choose to register at The CrossFit Games (and we think you should) then you can be part of a worldwide leaderboard, which is both silly and fun. But if DSC_1030you don’t want to officially register anywhere, you can still compete in the CrossFit Ignis intramural, and since you’ll be doing the Open workouts every Friday, you really may as well register for a team.

How the 2020 Open will work at Ignis:

We will create 2 teams from those who register, both online at at the box.  Your team captains will be Coach Gordy and Coach Delfini.

Each week we have a theme (but more on that in a bit).

CrossFit announces the workout on Thursday nights, and we do the workout in every single class on Friday, with one bonus replay on Sunday afternoon.  Except for week 5, where we will WOD together and wrap up the 5 weeks under the Friday Night Lights.

The teams compete to “win,” for which the only prize is bragging rights. You are scored for spirit and effort only, we don’t care how well you do, just that you do it, and push yourself to do a little more than you thought you could. That means it really is for everyone, as long as you’re game to have fun.

Step By Step Details:

Sign Up At The Gym by October 3: We’ve posted a large whiteboard at the gym. Write your name on it, it’s that simple. We will divide y’all up into 2 teams and announce them the week before the Open begins. That way you’ll have time to coordinate your costumery and gear up before it starts on October 10.

Scoring is based on participation only. You can earn up to 5 points a week for your team by:

  1. Do the WOD in Friday’s class or during the Sunday session

  2. Either come dressed for the theme OR in your team colors.

  3. Push yourself to do more than you thought you could. A little more weight, a little faster, a little harder move than you thought you could do. You know it when you do it, choose the harder path and get a point.

  4. Come and cheer for a class other than your own. Build the energy and the spirit.

  5. Share a photo of you and / or your crew loving the Open on social media. Not on the Ignis page, but on your own social media.

YOU MUST REPORT all of that to your team Captain each week! We will load your scores and post team results by each Monday at 5:00 pm.

BONUS POINTS will be awarded by coaches, for things like seriously amazingly over the top costumes, or pushing yourself in a way that moves us, or cheering like a pro…..

THURSDAY NIGHTS: We invite you to join us at the box each Thursday at 8pm to watch the live announcement of that weeks workout.  Immediately after the announcement, Coach Gordy & Coach Delfini will be shooting live video sharing their advice for WOD strategies as well as movement demonstrations!

FRIDAY SCHEDULE: As we mentioned, this year we will be running the Open WODs during our regular class schedule, except for week 5 (Nov 8th) where we will cancel classes for that day and all gather that evening for the Open’s culminating event. Each class will be ran in 2 heats.  Heat 2 athletes will judge Heat 1 and vice versa to ensure everyone has some accountability.  Each class will start with a movement standards review by your Coach so that everyone understands the expectations. (If you are submitting a score to HQ, please let your Coach know prior to class as you will need a certified Judge.)


We know that none of us are going to the Games, except as spectators, which we LOVE. But we love the Open, and we’re passionate about encouraging people to register officially because we are so grateful to CrossFit for enabling us to build the amazing community that is Ignis. But if you don’t feel like registering for the big Games, we still want you to play with us.

Here is our 5 week schedule and plans for each week!

20.1 Friday October 11th – “Favorite Sports Team” Theme Day – wear your favorite jersey, t-shirt or tank top to represent your favorite team!  We will have a normal class schedule, and 20.1 will be completed during regular class times.

20.2 Friday October 18th – “Hawaiian Luau” Theme Day – wear your favorite Hawaiian themed clothes and get ready for a tropical themed day!  We will have a normal class schedule, and 20.2 will be completed during regular class times.

20.3 Friday October 25th – “Pink Out” Theme Day – soon we will be releasing information on how you can participate in our annual Barbells for Boobs fundraiser.  So we want to see you all decked out in PINK to celebrate! We will have a normal class schedule, and 20.3 will be completed during regular class times.

20.4 Friday November 1st – “Halloween” Theme Day – wear your favorite WOD appropriate Halloween costume! We will have a normal class schedule, and 20.4 will be completed during regular class times.

20.5 Friday November 8th – “Team Colors” Theme Day –show your Intramural team pride by sporting your team colors and t-shirt! Our final Open workout of the season, so there will be no Friday classes. Instead join us for Friday Night Lights where we will WOD and celebrate together. FNL will start at 6:30pm sharp!

And with that, IT’S OPEN SEASON!

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