Introducing Coach Danny Masten!


With all that is going on in our world today we are so happy to be able to bring some light and excitement.  We are excited to announce the addition of Danny Masten to our already amazing Coaching staff at CrossFit Ignis.  An ever present fixture at the box and one of our most dedicated members, it made perfect sense for Danny to fill our newest opening.  Read on to learn more about Danny and his journey to Ignis.

Danny has been involved in sports and coaching for basically his whole life. Playing as many sports as he could growing up, he would eventually attend college and play baseball. After a couple of seasons as a player his focus shifted from playing to his future in coaching. For two seasons he would become a Student Assistant coach for his college baseball team. Upon graduating college, Danny moved home to become an assistant coach at his alma mater for a season. Soon after he would marry his wife Jessica and later have two sons Eli and Samuel.

Throughout the years Danny would become the head baseball coach at two different local High Schools; including his alma mater for a total of 7 years. He continues to help coaching at the youth sports level in baseball and cross country. It was shortly after leaving his coaching position Danny would come to the realization that he was slowly losing a step and gaining weight. While fitness wasn’t a focus in his life, coaching kept him active and able to maintain a healthy balance. He decided in the spring of 2016 to run his first 5k. After that he would focus on running 6 days to a week to train for future races.

In the fall of 2016 Danny was introduced to CrossFit after a Sunday evening church service. Coach Gordy Prather who is the pastor at Danny’s church invited CrossFit Ignis to a service and a WOD to try and connect his church family and his CrossFit family. A couple of months later Danny started his journey at CrossFit. “I fell in love with CrossFit and our community almost immediately once I started. I’ve always had a desire to better myself and Ignis gives me that opportunity every day. Not only do I get to witness my growth, but I get to see the amazing progress of other members. Coaching has always been in my blood, and when the opportunity to coach became available I was excited to give back here at Ignis. Jessica and myself love this community of people and CrossFit has become a fixture in our lives. We are excited to see what the future holds for Ignis.”


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