Get Started – Your Terms…your time

Let’s face it, the world is a very different place these days. And while we are slowly starting to open up our economy, we’re realizing that some things are here to stay.  Your personal comfort and safety are at the top of that list.  That’s why we’ve taken a long look at how we bring new members into our gym.

We’re changing it up and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Introducing Private Kickstart.  Just you. Your Coach. Your time. All at a special price.

Starting a new gym can be intimidating.  And in today’s world you shouldn’t have to worry about how many people have touched what you’re touching and if it was cleaned or not.  You also shouldn’t feel crammed and on top of each other like a can of sardines either. Our Private Kickstart will provide the right training for you all with proper social distancing and cleaning procedures before, during and after every session.

just you and your goals

The steps are simple:

1. Schedule your FREE no-sweat consultation with a Coach by visiting

2. Your consultation is a no pressure opportunity for you to visit our beautiful facility, learn what makes CrossFit Ignis stand apart from the competition and find out exactly how you can get started.

3. We will assign you to a Coach that we feel fits your needs the best.  That Coach will be with you throughout your first days at CrossFit Ignis.  With them you will learn the basic movement patterns that are most frequently used in our daily programming (hinging, pressing, pulling and squatting).

4. Once you’ve completed your Kickstart classes you’ll have earned a FREE two week pass into regular CrossFit classes.  During this time you’ll get to learn the ropes even more, meet all of our other coaches and our amazing members.  The true CrossFit experience.

Ready to get started?!?  Our amazing Coaches are ready for YOU!



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