Nutritional Coaching at CrossFit Ignis!

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It’s not the exercising that’s the hard part, it’s controlling what’s on the end of your fork every single day.  That’s why we are so excited to announce our latest addition to the CrossFit Ignis staff, Kris Gibson.  While the photos above speak for themselves, Kris has not only transformed his own body but he is ready to take yours to the next level too.  Having earned his Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certification we couldn’t be more proud to have him onboard and here to help YOU.

Get to know Kris:

“Being active since I was a kid, I played any sport I could. Basketball, baseball, football, track, etc…I loved it all.  Back then, I ate whatever I wanted without any thoughts of quality or quantity of food and their impact to how I performed, felt, or my health.  Fast forward to my mid 20’s when life set in. As my career progressed and I started a family, my physical activity lessened while my nutrition remained the same.  At around age 30 after a visit to my family physician for a physical & blood screening, the obvious became a reality.  Faced with being 40lbs overweight, pre diabetic, high blood pressure,  and high cholesterol, it was time for change.

My wife had always been a healthy eater and active so she encouraged me to do the same, so I had no choice but to conform to this reality.  I had no knowledge of these things when I began this get fit journey.  So I began educating myself. I was amazed by what I did not know or just didn’t think about regarding nutrition & purposeful exercise.  It became an obsession for knowledge.  Since then, I have been an avid Crossfitter and constantly improving my understanding of nutritional science and wellness.  I am now a happier, healthier version of myself and would love to share what I have learned with others. 

I am an advocate of eating mindfully, choosing minimally processed whole foods, while understanding that every person is different and needs an individualized plan. Whether the goal is weight loss, maintenance, muscle gain, athletic performance, or just a healthier version of you…  As I continue my studies and work with different nutrition clients, I am a firm believer in building a strong coach-client relationship, listening and accepting, and using outcome based decision making to guide clients into identifying manageable things they can do to reach their goals.”

Ready to get started?  Email Kris with your questions at and let’s get control of the hard parts!  Your initial consultation is always FREE!


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