CrossFit Ignis is growing…again!

Diversity is important to all of us here at CrossFit Ignis.

We want to provide a welcoming environment for all walks of life and believe that working out shouldn’t have to come with labels. That’s why, in here, we care more about your Fran time than the color of your skin, who you love or what you do for a living.

That being said, we are pumped to announce our newest staff member at CrossFit Ignis, Jabriel Siler. Read on to learn more about Jabriel and his important role at CrossFit Ignis:

Jabriel has been involved in competitive sports his entire life. His drive, determination and gift on the football field rescued him from the projects and provided him a football scholarship to Kentucky Christian University.  Jabriel will tell you that football not only changed his life, it saved his life.

After his playing career ended, his coaching career began.  Jabriel has coached at the collegiate and high school football level and currently coaches at the middle school that employs him. He enjoys not just teaching the game of football, but helping to shape and mold young guys into character-driven men. His full-time occupation provides him that same opportunity, as Jabriel is an Academic Interventionist.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, Jabriel is also passionate about fitness. He is a well-rounded athlete. Well versed in weightlifting, but is new to the CrossFit space. We joke at CrossFit Ignis because Jabriel has come to every “free” event/session we’ve ever offered. But, having him at the box has become a perfect fit for all of us.

Now we are happy to introduce him as our Diversity Consultant. This is a very important role within our team as Jabriel will be helping us to all find our voice, help answer those hard questions and most importantly help us further create an environment that welcomes one and all.

As he puts it so eloquently, “Real change starts with conversation.”  

You ready? Let’s talk.


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