CrossFit Ignis Programming – Week of January 23rd

MONDAY Rx+ For time: 100 Double Unders 50 OH Squat (135/95lbs) 100 DB Slams 50 OH Squat 100 Double Unders Rx For time: 80 Double Unders 40 OH Squat (115/75lbs) 80 DB Slams 40 OH Squat 80 Double Unders FIT For time: 80 Single Unders 30 OH Squat 60 DB Slams 30 OH Squat 80 … Continue reading CrossFit Ignis Programming – Week of January 23rd


It’s Open Season!

Now that the holidays are behind us, it is once again CrossFit Open season! Registration for the 2017 CrossFit Open is set to begin on Thursday, January 12 and at Ignis we couldn’t be more pumped about it! For newcomers, you might be wondering why you should register or what it even is. In a … Continue reading It’s Open Season!


CrossFit Ignis - CrossFitWarm-upWarm-up (No Measure)"Get Warm" Jog 200m as a group and follow it up with: 4 Rounds 4 Pullups 8 Pushups 12 Air Squats * Scale movements as neededSkillPrep for Workout Clean and Jerk review with Coach Then; 3 x 5 Reps Unbroken * Add load each set, with the last set being … Continue reading 10.01.2016

Q4 Benchmark – Day 3

CrossFit Ignis - CrossFitWarm-upMobility 7 (No Measure)Mobility: 2 mins Calf smash on foam roller (legs crossed at ankles) 2x30 secs Static Dorsiflexion Stretch 2x30 secs Static Plantar Flexion Stretch 2x15 secs Standing Calf Stretch (against wall or rig) 2x15 secs Hurdle StretchMobility 4 (No Measure)Mobilization: Glute Smash w/ foam roller, each side Hip Smash w/ … Continue reading Q4 Benchmark – Day 3