Faith WOD – Behind the Curtain

Read on as Coach Gordy Prather takes you "behind the curtain" of our monthly Faith WOD.  Interested in joining our next one on March 10th?  Click here to sign up.  It's FREE and open to the public! Behind the Curtain - by Gordy Prather At CrossFit Ignis, we’re grateful for the wide array of diversity … Continue reading Faith WOD – Behind the Curtain


The Open is upon us!!

Are you ready to experience the most magical time at the box?!?  It's a time for stepping out of that comfort zone, for hitting new PR's and for cheering on and being cheered for like never before.  For our 4th year, we are bringing back "Friday Night Lights" and our Intramural Competition! If you’re relatively … Continue reading The Open is upon us!!

New & Improved On Ramp at CrossFit Ignis!!

We're in the business of improvement. Here at CrossFit Ignis we are always working to not only improve our clients physical health but their overall experience too.  So, when we started talking about our On Ramp program we asked ourselves how can we make it more accessible and more convenient for everyone? Introducing our "Accelerated On Ramp" Beginning … Continue reading New & Improved On Ramp at CrossFit Ignis!!