Nutritional Coaching Corner Volume #1 – Navigating a pandemic



Our Nutrition Coach, Kris Gibson (Precision Nutrition L1 Coach) has written our latest blog post.  He’s put his thoughts to paper on how we as a society can learn from the COVI-19 pandemic that has affected us all so greatly.  Check it out. Good stuff coming your way!


Hello Ignis crew and extended web family!  We hope this post finds you and your families well (and staying sane during your quarantine).  When we first discussed launching nutritional coaching at Ignis, we never imagined it would be during circumstances like these.  The COVID 19 virus has affected so many around the globe and it pains us daily to hear of the escalating cases and deaths.  It not only affects our wellness from a health perspective, but it has also landed a devastating blow to our economy as well.  This has left many business owners and employees struggling to persevere and provide for themselves and loved ones.  Each of you are in our thoughts and prayers.

But there’s a lesson in every trial, right?  Let’s talk about how we can learn and grow from these trying times.


In Sickness and in Health

This blog post is to remind us all that we shouldn’t come away from this crisis without an important lesson learned: WE NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE AS A SOCIETY!!  So many folks significantly affected by the virus could have potentially decreased the severity of their symptoms, or even survived, by not possessing significant underlying health issues such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes for example.  We are not naive enough to think we as a nation could have stopped this virus or completely eliminated its existence, but we could have decreased its impact if we had been better prepared.

Prepared by investing in our health.

How can I make an effective change?

As we make it through this, and yes we will make it through, we should start by making smarter choices for ourselves, and our families, by choosing healthier food options, by being active, learning to rest, and learning how to let our bodies recover.

This all starts with small, daily habits.

Eat more lean protein: Chicken, turkey, white fish, plain greek yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese,

Put more veggies and fruit on your plate: Eat the rainbow by choosing brightly colored fruits and veggies – challenge yourself to eat 800g a day of a fruit & veggie combination,

Move more at work: Set alarms on your phone and get up from your desk and go for a walk around the home office or stretch,

Join a gym (we hear Crossfit Ignis is the place to be): Even though gyms are closed to the public right now, most are offering great at home programming all geared toward keeping you active,

Get outside: Take a walk or ride bikes with your family, go hiking, etc.

It’s not all bad

If we look to the positives of this pandemic, we are seeing people increase their daily activity levels as an avenue to break the monotony of quarantine.  Simply getting outside, running, playing, walking, enjoying their families and what this world has to offer besides eating out at your favorite restaurant and shopping for new workout clothes.  We are strengthening as a society and doing more of the things we as humans were built to do.

Need help navigating these uncharted waters?  We here are here to help. Our staff are working hard behind the scenes to provide health and wellness resources for not only our members, but for you as well.


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